Humax® Environmental Services & Consulting

The results of a sample are only as good as the quality of the sample collection – we are here for you!

GreenGround AG offers services and consulting in the areas of soil, water and plant sampling. Our services are aimed at research institutions, authorities, organisations and trading companies, as well as private and public companies active in the fields of agriculture, spatial planning, construction monitoring, engineering and environmental protection. All soil samples are taken with our unique, Swiss-made Humax® systems. These precise sampling devices and our experience in their professional handling form the basis of our high sample quality.

The samples we take are used in the following areas:

  • Conducting residue, degradation and accumulation studies in soil, plants and groundwater
  • Investigation of microorganisms, beneficial & pathogenic organisms
  • Survey of root mass
  • Precise Nmin. Sampling with relatively large sample volume for monitoring programmes and research projects
  • Soil profile approach, soil classification, horizon sampling along the soil profile, volume sampling for determination of soil physical concomitant parameters
  • Undisturbed soil samples for soil physical investigation according to the STRUDEL method and for the collection of further parameters such as storage density

The services are carried out according to the wishes and requirements of the client. The appropriate type of sampling, as well as the work performance, strongly depends on the question, the environmental parameters, as well as the financial possibilities. Through cooperation with our accredited partner laboratories, it is also possible to analyse the samples taken directly. We will be happy to advise you!

*On request, performance of services according to national and international quality standards (GLP).

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