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The results of a soil sample are only as good as the quality of the sampling – we are here for you

Services and consultancy in the field of soil sampling, water and vegetation monitoring. On request, performing services according to national and international quality standards (GLP).

Delivery times depending on the article 1 – 4 weeks.

The performance of the soil sampling depends strongly on the soil condition, soil moisture, sample diameter and the sampling depth. Holes deeper than 1000 mm are generally only offered with the AK systems (derrick on carrier vehicle). We are happy to help.

Product pictureArticle no.CategoryDrilling Depth mmDrill-Ø mmHumaxTube® Length mmNotesAction
GGSSC020035HSSoil sampling HS 20035205 Request/offer
GGSSC025035HSSoil sampling HS 25035255 Request/offer
GGSSC030035HSSoil sampling HS 30035305 Request/offer
GGSSC010050HSSoil sampling HS 10050105 Request/offer
GGSSC020050HSSoil sampling HS 20050205 Request/offer
GGSSC025050HSSoil sampling HS 25050255 Request/offer
GGSSC030050HSSoil sampling HS 30050305 Request/offer
GGSSC010080HSSoil sampling HS 10080105 Request/offer
GGSSC050035HKSoil sampling HK 50035255 Request/offer
GGSSC050050HKSoil sampling HK50050255 Request/offer
GGSSC025050P2Soil sampling P2 25050255 Request/offer
GGSSC030050P2Soil sampling P2 30050305 Request/offer
GGSSC100050P1Soil sampling P1 100050255 Request/offer
GGSSC090050P1Soil sampling P1 90050305 Request/offer
GGSSC100080P1Soil sampling P1 100080255 Request/offer
GGSSC090080P1Soil sampling P1 90080305 Request/offer
GGSSC090050AKSoil sampling AK 90050305 Request/offer
GGSSC100050AKSoil sampling AK 100050255 Request/offer
GGSSC300050AKSoil sampling TE 300050305 Request/offer
GGSSC090080AKSoil sampling AK 90080305 Request/offer
GGSSC100080AKSoil sampling AK 100080255 Request/offer
GGSSC210080AKSoil sampling TE 210080305 Request/offer
GGSSC100000AKSoil sampling TE 1000100255 Request/offer
GGSSC0000MNGWWater samples GW300050n.r.Request/offer
GGSSC0000MNBWLeachate samples LS300050n.r.Request/offer
Special projectsPlant studieso.d.o.d.o.d.Request/offer
Special projectsSoil studieso.d.o.d.o.d.Request/offer
Special projectsConsultingo.d.o.d.o.d.Request/offer
Special projectsLicensingo.d.o.d.o.d. Request/offer

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