Basic principle

The guiding principle of GreenGround AG is:

«fostering environmental sustainability»

GreenGround AG is a private limited company (AG) with headquarters in CH-3415 Hasle-Rüegsau, Switzerland.

The company operates in two business units and offers under the name «Humax® Soil Sampling Technologies», including HumaxTube®, technical solutions for the extraction of precise soil samples and services and consulting in the field of soil and vegetation under «Humax® Environmental Services & Consulting».

At its national and international level, the GreenGround company wants to make a lasting contribution to securing the valuable resource human, soil and water with its products, services and social commitment.

Continuous innovation and performance should contribute to success across all three divisions. Business profits should be invested as a priority in sustainable projects.

    HumaxTube® is a registered trademark of GreenGround AG (UID/MWST: CHE-220.219.100).

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