Alfred Zbären

Alfred Zbären

Executive Director

On my own behalf: After more than 28 years of research and development (R & D) in the phytosanitary sector, I finished my employee relationship with one of the leading companies in the crop protection industry, to a long-cherished desire to fulfill and to become coworker and partner of the own company.

The personal interest in the issues of sustainability, the fascination for specialized yet simple products led me to Martin Burch AG, Humax® Bohrsonden.

I am very pleased that, together with my experience and the mentioned business, the basis for a new venture could be built. The business areas are now under the umbrella of GreenGround AG and will be led into the Future.

Karin Schrag


On my own behalf: After completing my vocational training, I have a lot of experience in commercial area and in sales. The personal advice of customers and direct contacts always give me great pleasure.

I am motivated and look forward to share my many years of experience with GreenGround AG.

Anna-Lea Zbären

Scientific-technical assistant i.A.

On my own behalf: My experiences in agriculture, food distribution and my studies have made me aware of and curious about the importance of sustainable land use. I am therefore very happy to be a part of GreenGround AG and to participate in changing land use management through innovation and commitment. We do not look at things superficially!

My main tasks are: Supporting all business areas, field projects, assisting with advertising and communication, maintaining the website.

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